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Learn how to Buy Beats Online and how to sell your music.


Ideally, people shouldn’t go for buying beats online, unless they don’t have a plan, or else they might end up with a collection of songs that just might as well pass off as mixtape. Such collections have very little scope of making it big mainly because there are thousands of such mixtapes made just as carelessly. More often than not, artists, in their excitement to get their songs released resort to apparently useless ways. Indeed they should be excited about creating a great piece of music but they shouldn’t let it get the better of their minds. The internet is replete with scores of ‘how to sell beats online’ videos that follow a common pattern. This pattern can also be found in the various ‘how to sell music online’ videos that are present almost on every video sharing website. People are mostly in a hurry to get the best deal for their music and end up following these videos religiously. People should try to see the real picture behind these videos most of which are basically marketing gimmicks. They should rather invest in their skills, which have a better chance of paying off than these videos. A few things that can help people to not get fooled by these videos and still make money with their music are mentioned below.


People can go to any search engine like Google and type key phrases like ‘buy beats online’, ‘how to sell beats online’, or ‘selling your music online’. They can find scores of results that may or may not fulfill their purpose, all very willing to teach them the right way to sell their music. The trick obviously is to resist the temptation and go for the real deal. Normally people would read almost anything that had anything to do with selling their music. However, rather than wasting time in such futile research, they should get some real information. An important thing here is that people should know that selling music online is an expensive affair. People should set aside some money for selling their music, because in the absence of the required financial resources, it can be very difficult for them to sell their music. While they certainly don’t need a fortune, it helps to have at least some money set aside. Further, a search on Google might lead to the discovery of a few odd dozen websites trying to sell something different but ending up doing exactly the same. Anyone could be a pro at providing information about this topic, for that matter. What people will notice if they pay for membership of such a website is that there is an impressive array of videos lined up. Most of these courses of ‘selling your music online’ are of short duration, like 9 to 10 hours. However, once people watch them closely they will realize that they are some major flaws with them, three of which are as follows-


  • Before investing their money with such websites people should check the dates of such videos. Some people found these videos to be dated back to two years before. A little bit of cautiousness on the part of people can help them from getting fooled.
  • Most of these videos use huge sums of money for they know that viewers would be paying attention, because let’s face it, most people would flock where ever there is some easy money involved.
  • People should watch out for old marketing strategies as most of them do not work as many of the websites talked about in those videos do not work.


There are many more common flaws like these, telling about them would only  be wasting more time, rather people should finally start more of their common sense when watching these videos. Another thing that often lands people in similar situations is taking the word of a friend or relative. Paying for a course just by believing what they heard on a word of mouth basis is hardly a rational decision for people to take. Another thing that these videos show to attract more people is to tell people about age old marketing tricks that someone with even an iota of sense can figure out. They tell about things like SoundClick, Facebook and ReverbNation, in order to tell people how to market themselves or how to promote their recorded music.


While after getting so much knowledge about how these videos fool people, the following will tell what exactly do these videos have in common and how they aren’t exactly what they promise out to be-


  • Most of these video courses use YouTube, as YouTube attracts a large number of visitors. In their bid to tap into this huge viewer pool, these videos sport tons of attractive sounding strategies. These videos tell people to simply redirect visitors to the musician’s website except that it isn’t that easy to redirect visitors from YouTube to some other website.
  • They ask people to set up an account unless of course they already have one.
  • They then ask people to upload a few of their songs.
  • Write something in the description box.
  • People can then upload whatever they might want to.



Every other video on YouTube asked musicians to follow the same guidelines. People should know not to waste time on such guidelines as they do not produce results for if they had to bring results they would have done it by now. What people should actually do is to use their own creativity and common sense to sell their music online. A little bit of creativity can take them a long way in getting the best out of their music. For starters they should create videos of good quality along with quality content.  Not compromising with quality is the best way possible to sell music online. The video method takes time and its success depends on how much effort people are willing to put in to spread the word about their music. It might ask people for patience but uploading a video and not putting in effort will not take their music anywhere either. So, they should better be ready for some hard work if they want to have any chance at selling their music online.


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Artist How To Buy Beats

The music industry is shifting towards the independent labels instead of the major labels. Since everything is going digital, it’s way easier to make a project and get it out to thousands of people. Artists are now forced to study the business aspect of the music industry where you need to know more than just how to rhyme.

Besides the business aspect, the initial step towards success in the music industry is the quality of your product, which is your music. You have to be able to provide your audience with high quality, professional sounding music in order to grow your fan base.

With that being said as an aspiring Hip-Hop/R&B artist your three main priorities are:

  1. Studio time
  2. Purchase Beats
  3. Your Budget

These three vital elements are what provide your music with that quality sound that will get you the success you want. Your lyrical content and your flow will be essential, but when you buy beats you will help grab your audience’s attention.

When you buy beats, you have to get the best out of your investment because in the long run it can be more expensive then studio time, so make every beat count. As an artist it is your job to develop an ear for hot beats in order to increase your chances of getting a hit song.

A common problem that most indie artists face is that they don’t have a lot of money and a lack of knowledge when it comes to the music industry so you have to quickly learn how to spend your money wisely when it comes to buying beats. For a new artist I strongly recommend that you should seriously consider buying beats online because there are literally thousands of producers that are hungry to get in the game and sell their beats independently. Because there are so many online producers, the pricing for beats has dropped dramatically due to competition. Today you can lease a beat for $10-$20 dollars apiece and even receive FREE BEATS if you sign up to their mailing lists.

Throughout the decades, beats have become more and more affordable, but with that being said, you really have to be more careful when you purchase. Look for sites that give you the option of leasing or buying a beat, because these are the producers that take their beats and business seriously. What’s the difference between leasing and buying a beat?

1. Leasing (non-exclusive) – you do not own the beat, you are given the right to use it for mix tapes, demos, albums and performances. Leasing a beat is cheaper than buying a beat, so if you don’t have a lot of money to begin with then this is the route for you.

2. Buying (exclusive) Beats – buying a beat out right is when you pay for the beat FULL PRICE. You now OWN the beat. This is more expensive but if you have the money to do so and you DO NOT want anyone else to use the same beat than this is something that you would want to consider.

Another thing to look out for when purchasing beats online is to listen for the quality of the beat. As an up and coming artist, you need beats that are mixed and ready for radio play. If you take these tips and apply them to your career than you will be that much closer towards your dreams.

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Where Can I Buy Good Beats- By: Jon Brown

Have you ever fantasized about making it in the music business? Or even make-believe that you will be one of those popular performers that we all want to be? Just how do these folks so continuously producing remarkable music repeatedly. It isn’t really that tough to get going within the music industry.

Working smart can help you start within the music business using hot beats for sale that can be found online. Buying beats that are ready for you to only add your vocals can save you time by letting you accomplish what you do best and that is spending some time to produce a great song. Finding beats available for sale is very easy simply because all you need to do is actually look. There are hundreds of various web sites nevertheless how do you know you will be actually getting your money’s well worth? I will help you with some techniques which will direct you which means you can get your money’s worth.


Exclusive or Lease Beats For Purchase Guidelines

1. Make certain the particular beats are mixed appropriately
2. Locate a dependable internet site
3. Lease Or even Exclusive which one is right to suit your needs is determined by simply how much you wish to spend

How I examine leasing an instrumentals, it really is just like renting a home. You rent the home if you want it later on find out if you can purchase it, otherwise then you definitely come with an idea of actually searching for the next time you are focusing on a project. Exclusive legal rights are usually the best choice. Its more costly however you are able to produce a good quality song and also you will have exclusive rights for the beat, meaning no one else may use it but you.
When I Invest in An Exclusive Beat For Sale From A Web site So what now?
In the event the web site is promoting exclusive Beats For Sale when you purchase the beat they have to remove the beat from their catalogue of beats. The website is under responsibility not to offer that same beat to other artists. This will guarantee the beat you bought will not be utilized by anybody else other than you.

Are Lease Beats For Sale A good investment?
Producers that provide lease beats available for sale give you a regular steady flow of new beats so that you can buy. Lots of lease beats tend to be authentic and at the price range of $15-$25 each beat you can keep the music moving up the music charts in Reverbnation quickly because of the constant flow of music you will be able to make at a budget of ordering pizza or going out to eat..

What If I Can’t Have the funds for Exclusive Beats Available for sale?
You can also learn how to develop your own beats in the event money gets to be limited. We all have been there at times I have a restricted budget when I would like to buy a new product, program as well as course. Then you certainly ought to ask yourselves do you want to waste more hours learning to produce my track or perhaps get a lease beat? I like to save money and time however at times it is possible to make things work if you step out of that I CAN NOT mentality. When you can accomplish this you are going to make so many things work for you.

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